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This is where we share updates we have made to RoyalUr, news about the Royal Game of Ur, and other things we think people may find interesting!

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A screenshot of the timer running out

Timing, resigning and rule customising

Games are now timed, you can now resign from games, and memburs can now create games with custom rules! Read here about how the new timing works. Read more...

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A screenshot of selecting the Panda as your opponent

The Panda's training montage is complete!

One month ago, the Panda left on an epic training montage. Now they're back and stronger than ever! Read more...

A screenshot of the new account page!

Accounts have arrived!

I'm ecstatic to announce that accounts have finally made it to! Read more...

A screenshot of the new holidays theme!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! 🎄In celebration of this holiday season, we have released a limited-time holiday theme to! Read more...

Two hands reaching out to touch the Royal Game of Ur.

Planning a Renaissance

In September of this year, I quit my job, moved to London, and began burning my savings so that I can work on this website,, full-time. And I am loving it! Read more...