Timing, resigning and rule customising! 🎨

Hi everyone! It has been a while since our last update, so we have a few big updates to share:

  1. Games are now timed! That means if a player leaves during your match, you get the win! ⌛
  2. You may now resign from games. 🏳️
  3. Memb-urs can now create games with custom rules! 🎨

Let's get into it!

Timing ⌛

Online games now have new timing rules to help keep games moving! Here's how it works:

  1. You have a limited amount of time to make each move. 15 seconds in Blitz, and 20 seconds in Finkel or Masters.
  2. If you do not play for a whole minute, or if you disconnect and do not re-join, you will automatically lose.
The timer counting down on a game
The timer counting down on a game.

Hopefully you won't notice the timer in most games (it only shows up when your time is almost up). But at least you can now rest assured that your hard earned victories can't be taken away by an opponent leaving! 😌

Resigning 🏳️

Sometimes a game just isn't worth finishing. If you find yourself particularly far behind, or if you need to leave before the end of a game, you now have an honourable way to exit without leaving your opponent hanging. 🫡

Rule Customising 🎨

Memburs can now create games with custom rules! This includes changing the dice used, the path around the board, the number of starting pieces, and changing how rosettes and captures affect the game!

A screenshot of setting up custom rules.
A screenshot of setting up custom rules.

You can create a game with custom rules by selecting "Custom" from the rules dropdown on the "Set up a game" page. The easy, medium, and hard bots are all available to play against for any custom set of rules. Create your own custom game here.

Thank you for your support!

My focus will now be shifting to supporting competition on RoyalUr. That means in the near future you can expect updates about two things I am very excited about:

  • In-depth game analysis. 🔬
  • Player ratings. 📈

Good luck in all your games!
~ Padraig Lamont

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