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The Royal Game of Ur is a race game. The goal is to navigate all your pieces around and off the board before your opponent! You can also capture your opponent's pieces by landing on them. On, you can play against people either locally or online, or you can play against the computer! Learn the rules of the game here.

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Happy holidays everyone! ūüéĄIn celebration of this holiday season, we have released a limited-time holiday theme to! Read more...

Real-Life Tournaments

The société internationale d'UR has run tournaments around the world at MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Brown, Imperial College London, and in New York City. If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with where they will run tournaments next so that you can take part, I recommend following their Instagram! These tournaments use a different, more challenging, set of rules called tournament engine. You can read more about tournament engine on our alternative rules page.

A photo of two people playing the Royal Game of Ur
A photo of two people playing the Royal Game of Ur, courtesy of the société internationale d'UR.

Join Our Community!

Whether you're a casual player or history buff, a researcher, or a pro player, everyone is welcome in our Royal Game of Ur Discord group! Many players find opponents in our group, discuss strategy, and we even conduct research about the game. We also have channels for discussing tournaments, DIY game boards, history, different rule sets, similar games, and even the development of this website! However, in my view, the best feature of our group is the community. I have made many friends from our group, and if you're interested in the Royal Game of Ur, I have no doubt you'll fit right in!

A depiction of two game pieces colliding and producing sparks

Buy Physical Boards

We are obviously big fans of playing board games online here at, but even we have to admit that there is something special about playing on a real, physical board. If you are looking to buy a physical board, we recommend that you check out Masters Traditional Games! I have personally met their founder, James Masters, and visited their warehouse in St Albans. James Masters' work as a games historian even led to the Masters rule set here on! Purchases made by clicking a link from will also help to support our work. Click here to visit Masters Traditional Games.

Photos of Royal Game of Ur boards sold by Masters Traditional Games
Photos of Royal Game of Ur boards sold by Masters Traditional Games.
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