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Accounts have arrived!

After 7 years of operation, RoyalUr.net finally has accounts! It's a little shocking it took us so long to get around to it 😅

A screenshot of Paddy's account in-game
A screenshot of my own account in-game.

We haven't completely been sitting on our laurels though! In the three months since our last major update, we have slowly been making little improvements to the game and its infrastructure. We even wrote a whole article about the rules of Senet, another ancient game (curiosity beats practicality occasionally). We also got some boring business concerns out of the way, such as creating our new UK company, Rosette Games!

However, the real significance of this addition lies in the future. The release of accounts signals the beginning of a long chain of releases that we have been eager to get to. Ranking, leaderboards, more account customisation, custom rule-sets, and a memburship should all be coming to RoyalUr.net over the next few months! I've also been working for months on an announcement that fundamentally rocks the Royal Game of Ur, which I am itching to release!

So, what are you waiting for? Register an account for yourself to reserve your favourite account name and start tracking your victories! Currently accounts don't provide a lot of functionality, but almost everything we plan to add in the future depends upon them.

Thank you everyone for sticking with us as we try to make the best place to play the Royal Game of Ur online! An additional big thank you to all our supporters on Ko-Fi. You really help a lot more than you know!

We want your feedback!

We have been doing a lot of work to make RoyalUr.net a better place for our playurs. We'd love to know whether you think we're doing a good job of this or not! What has gone well? Where do you think we could do better? I have created a form to ask for your feedback, and I'd really appreciate it if you could fill it out! You can fill out the form here.

Thank you all!
~ Paddy L.

A photo of Padraig Lamont giving a thumbs up.
A photo of me, Paddy, getting ready to speed-run adding features to accounts (I've never been very speedy).