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About RoyalUr.net

RoyalUr.net is a free and open-source website for people to play and learn about The Royal Game of Ur. Currently the website has about 70 games played per day from people all around the world!

The RoyalUr.net project was started in 2017 by Paddy Lamont as a hobby project, and was open-sourced on GitHub in 2019. Since then, many people have joined the RoyalUr.net community and have assisted in its development, troubleshooting, community building, and research!

Our community also held a tournament this May, which was a great success! We learnt a lot from organising it, and plan to host many more tournaments in the future!


  1. Provide a fun place for people to play The Royal Game of Ur!
  2. Teach people about the game, its rules, and its strategy.
  3. Make learning history engaging!

We still have a long way to go in achieving these goals, but we are well on our way with our webgame that lets people play the game locally or online, and our study of strategy through RoyalUrAnalysis. Incorporating the history of the game into the website is our current priority.


Contributions of all kinds to RoyalUr.net are all greatly appreciated!

Whether you have helped with the development of the website itself, helped through the Discord with suggestions and troubleshooting, or helped by reporting issues to be fixed, thankyou! Contributors like you are the reason that this site can continue to grow!

A special thanks to these lovely people for their contributions on GitHub:
Phyrik's Avatar Itaquito's Avatar Fuzzy's Avatar Sourav Singh Rawat's Avatar

Get Involved

We need you! 😎 If you would like to get involved with RoyalUr.net, the best way is to join our Discord! On Discord we can help you with navigating the codebase, discuss the work people are doing, and we can help you find things for you to help with. Currently we are in real need of people with writing skills, or who can help promote the site!

Sponsor the Site

This website is completely free, open source, and ad-free! Unfortunately, that means that the website has no revenue, and therefore hosting costs come from my own pocket. If you would like to help me pay for the hosting of RoyalUr.net, then feel free to buy me a coffee at the link below :)

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