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If you'd like to meet people who also love the Game of Ur, or just want to show off your skills at the game, we'd love to have you join one of our community tournaments!

We have held one tournament so far, and we plan to host many more in the future! Our first tournament was a great success with Aratkovich winning the gold medal, and Timogustafson narrowly taking second place! The tournament did have a few hiccups, but nevertheless it was a very enjoyable morning!

Join our tournaments

We currently host our tournaments through our Discord server, which allows us to chat and discuss how we want them to run. If you'd like to take part in our next tournament, a good way to sign up is to join our Discord server. When we are planning our next tournament, we will notify everyone through the Discord to see who can take part!

Join the Discord!

We will also post notifications of future tournaments on our twitter, if you spend more time there!